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Sinostar invited to participate in the 2014 "China Aerospace Command and Control Forum"

Date:Feb 10,2015


China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, with strong support from the Chinese Institute of Command and Control and the Chinese People's Liberation Army College of Equipment co-sponsored the first "China Aerospace Command and Control Forum" in December 2014 16-18 in Beijing successfully convened.

Focusing on the important role of command and control technology in manned space flight, lunar exploration, space launch, satellite monitoring and control, space security and satellite applications, this forum is focused on the direction and control of space, concentrating on various fields in China, The wisdom and strength of the experts and scholars of various trades and departments, the new challenges for the command and control technology to serve the development of the national space strategy, meet the space command and control technology. Academician Shen Rongjun, Academician Li Jisheng, Academician Gong Huixing, Academician Daihao, Academician Bao Weimin, Academician Chen Zhijie and experts and scholars from the major aerospace systems, research institutes and universities in the national command and control field attended the academic field of space command and control The largest and most authoritative forum, through the high-level academic exchange platform for all academic views for discussion, grasp the development trend of modern information technology and application requirements, innovation-driven space command and control technology.

Sinostar's technical department and sales department participated in the conference under the planning and arrangement of the company's leadership and marketing department and achieved complete success. Sinostar showcased the company's strong technical capabilities, including VT-MÄK, PRESAGIS simulation products, SIMWARE simulation products, agi aerospace modeling and simulation products, JRM's infrared night vision simulation products and DiSTI's instrumentation simulation products and many more.

And the simulation simulation field colleague exchange study, and the equipment institute, the Chinese national defense science and technology information center, DALIAN UNIVERSITY, HARBIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, the space three courtyard three, Sichuan University, Rocket Force University of Engineering, North University Of China and other customers for business negotiations. December 18, 2014, China Aerospace Command and Control Forum in Yuanwanglou successful conclusion.



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