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As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the application and development of simulation technology, Seastars has first-class technical strength and rich industry experience in simulation and virtual application fields. It can tailor individualized solutions and comprehensive technical services for users. Not only that, Seastars pay close attention to the development of simulation technology at home and abroad dynamic, with a number of outstanding foreign manufacturers to maintain friendly and cooperative relations, the introduction of the latest foreign simulation technology and products, and strive to first-class products and technical services to users in China. Through cooperation with leading foreign companies, Seastars has a direct access to the world's top three-dimensional simulation / virtual reality software, in-depth grasp of the scene simulation / virtual reality development details and foreign advanced software architecture, learning advanced software development concepts and Excellent project management experience. In the long-term accumulation, Seastars gradually established and perfected a good quality, strong technical team, they not only have to engage in the field of simulation necessary for professional theoretical knowledge, and has a wealth of field work experience.