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Seastars was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Beijing. The company "simulation services to achieve customer value" as its mission, focus on computer simulation technology and application systems development, production and sales. Businesses involved in virtual manufacturing, training simulators, battlefield integrated environment C4ISR business, electronic systems simulation and civilian science and technology venues of the simulation business. So far has served the military forces, national defense research, education institutions, government agencies and manufacturing enterprises and other industries.



[ Company Vision ]

To create China's top virtual
reality business

[ Company mission ]

Virtual reality leads to technological progress
Simulation services to achieve customer value

[ core values ]

Integrity, innovation, professionalism
pragmatic and efficient

[ Business philosophy ]

Professional Services:
Faster, Better, Easier ...

[ Management concept]

People-oriented, teamwork


  • 1998

    01.Seastars was formally incorporated in Beijing
    02.Becomed a dealer andsigned a contract with Silicon Graphics Computer

  • 1999

    03.Completed CHENGDU AIRLINES 'first parallel simulator vision system with SGI & SEOS
    04.Working with SGI / MPI / SEOS to complete the K8 simulator vision system for Egypt

  • 2000

    05.Awarded SGI's "Best Performance in the Greater China Image Market"
    06.With Multigen-Paradigm company reached a cooperative relationship, a sales channel dealer
    07.Achieved strategic cooperation with SEOS Corporation to complete China's first set of virtual simulation system for ball-screen flight simulator

  • 2001

    08.Become a Chinese government department supplier, providing 12 sets of high-end image workstations and databases for real-time image training simulator.
    09.Become a business partner with BARCO

  • 2002

    10.Cooperate with Xi'an Aircraft Research Institute to integrate SEOS dome solution vision system for engineering simulator
    11. Cooperate with BARCO and Japan's Topan to complete the National Palace Museum project

  • 2003

    12. The company won the "high-tech enterprises in Beijing" qualification
    13. BARCO was awarded the "2003 Top Ten Dealer" award

  • 2004

    14. The company successfully passed the national "ISO2000-9001 quality management system" qualification
    15. Development of a large simulation training database model for Egyptian aviation industry

  • 2005

    16. Signed a distribution / OEM purchase agreement with E & S to become a partner in China.
    17. BARCO was awarded the "2005 Best Partner" award
    18.Received the "Highest Honor Partner" award from Multigen-Paradigm worldwide
    19. Was awarded the Ministry of Information Industry issued a "three-tier system integrator" qualification

  • 2006

    20. Successfully developed ECT in the AVIC simulator project and integrated vision system
    21. Successful demonstration of FTD simulator at Zhuhai Airshow, received favorable comments from national leaders and industry experts
    22.The company won the BARCO company awarded the "Chinese agents best sales" award

  • 2007

    23. The company won the "Beijing Software Enterprise Certification"
    24. Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises to become a member of the Association, and become a member of the Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Promotion Unit
    25. Received the "Best Performance Award for the Best of Honor" from Presagis Worldwide.

  • 2008

    26. The company won the National Science and Technology Commission, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau of the joint certification of the first "high-tech enterprises"
    27.To participate in the third exhibition of popular science exhibits, won the "Outstanding Gold Award" and "outstanding science products Silver"
    28. The company involved in the development of a light aircraft simulator to participate in the Moscow Air Show, won praise at home and abroad
    29. The company independently developed Blue Moon Virtual Reality Engine Software (AVRE) and other four software won the software copyright registration certificate
    30. The company was awarded the prestigious global assessment of Trace International Inc.'s reputation assessment

  • 2009

    31. The company won the "Haidian District, Beijing innovative enterprises" and "high-tech enterprises in Beijing," two awards
    32. The company developed the "VR flight simulation maintenance and simulation system v2.0" and other nine independent software access to the copyright certificate

  • 2010

    33. Company to undertake EXPO China Pavilion on the first floor hall folding video playback system project
    34. The company was awarded the title of "Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Core Area Software Industry Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise".
    35. BVI acquires SINOSTARS and establishes SINOSTAR wholly-owned subsidiary
    36. Established a wholly owned subsidiary of SeaStars in Hong Kong

  • 2012

    37.Simulator business grow, independent research and development of infrared night vision system

  • 2015

    38.Seastars was formally merged with Simutech International

    Along the way, 【Seastars】is committed to the system design and technical research of simulation applications, and has gradually grown into the mainstream VR system integrators. Seastars has developed different types of virtual reality centers for Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, AVIC, China Aerospace General Design Department, Simulation Center and other departments, including the first set of CAVE (Computer Automatic Virtual-Reality Environment system, the first set of three fold Power Wall system, the first set of desktop Immersa Desk system, the largest cylindrical curved screen (Curve Screen) system. In the field of virtual manufacturing and visualization, it has provided virtual reality technology application system for AVIC, COMAC, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China STATE SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION, CHINA SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY CORPORATION and Chery, JAC and other large manufacturing enterprises. And the overall program; in the field of virtual training and simulation, has access to domestic "Jian Shi", "Fierce Dragon", "K8" and other models of military fighter, trainer, bomber simulator vision system development work; 60 "," ARJ-21 "and other civil aircraft simulator visual or avionic simulation development work; in the field of virtual science and popular science simulation has participated in the Palace Museum, Mianyang Science & Technology Museum, Daqing Youth Science and Technology Cultural Center, Guangxi The Museum of Science and Technology of China, the Karamay Science & Technology Museum, the Shanghai Maritime Museum, the Hunan Science and Technology Museum and the Hangzhou Science and Technology Museum. In 2010, the museum also participated in the Virtual Reality Immersion System Committed to the simulation system design and application of technology research .

  As the earliest in the simulation technology application and development of enterprises

    【Seastars】 in simulation and virtual applications have a first-class technical strength and wealth of industry experience, tailored for the user personalized solutions to provide a full range of technical services. Not only that, Seastars pay close attention to the latest developments in simulation technology at home and abroad, with a number of top foreign-class enterprises to maintain long-term friendly relations of cooperation, the introduction of foreign latest simulation products and technical services to Chinese users. At the same time, [Seastars] through the study of foreign mainstream 3D simulation / virtual reality software, and gradually master the visual simulation / virtual reality development of advanced technology and excellent project management experience. In the long-term accumulation of technology, Seastars gradually establish and improve a good quality, excellent professional technical team, not only with the field of simulation theory of professional knowledge, but also has a wealth of field work experience. Through hundreds of large-scale project development and independent product development, 【Seastars Division】 formed a set of standardized R & D service processes and specifications. In 2002 the company in the software development and service business through the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2005 through the national Ministry of Information Industry, "Computer System Integration Qualification" three certification in 2007 with independent intellectual property rights of software products to obtain a software product And software companies double soft certification.




      Application Engineer for Simulation and Development


      Application Engineer for Simulation and Development
      1.Responsible for simulation software R & D department after-sales work;
      2.Assist the customer to develop the system;
      3.Responsible for after-sale system research and development, customer communication and training, to solve customer technical problems.


      Office qualifications
      1.Flight control related professional birth, familiar with flight control knowledge;
      2.Understand or familiar with FlightSim simulation software;
      3.Proficient in C \ C ++;
      4.4. Familiar with Socket communication programming interface;




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